MacMall Leaks TiBook and iBook Revs? Updated with a pic

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Date: Monday, October 15th, 2001, 20:14
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I just got my new MacMall catalog in the mail and they have the new iBooks and PowerBooks on the front page!

They show the iBooks as follows:

  • 500 MHz 15 GB HD CD $1,294
  • 600 MHz 15 GB HD DVD $1,494
  • 600 MHz 20 GB HD Combo $1,694

TiBook are as follows:

  • 550 MHz 20 GB HD DVD $2,194
  • 667 MHz 30 GB HD DVD, Airport $2,994

Update: FisherKing has posted a scan of the MacMall cover in this thread on the MacNN message boards.

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