MacWeek Posts Revision D iMac Review

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
Category: Archive has a quick review (“iMac 333MHz“) of the 333 MHz Revision D iMac posted. To sum it up, the Revision D iMac has a good ratio of bang to buck.

Apple’s candy-coated iMac, now equipped with a 333MHz PowerPC CPU, is faster than ever, yet the new version carries the same $1,199 price tag as the previous 266MHz model. But CPU speed is just one factor that influences overall system performance, and while this new model is faster than earlier iMacs, it’s no match for a 333MHz Power Mac G3. In Macworld Lab’s Processor test, we found that it barely kept up with Apple’s blue Power Mac G3/300MHz (see “Faster iMac”).

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