Macworld Expo Tokyo 2002: Prognostication

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Date: Wednesday, March 20th, 2002, 13:53
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As the PowerPage prepares for our LIVE coverage from Macworld Expo Tokyo 2002 we wanted to give you a forum to prognosticate about the rumored announcements that Steve Jobs will make at his keynote address at 09:30 am Thursday morning in Japan (7:30 pm EST tonight!). The PowerPage will be covering the keynote address live tonight (Wednesday evening) starting some time around 07:00 pm EST. You, the readers, have already spoken and totally debunked a new iBook in Tokyo, so your fearless editor is going with an iPod bump to 10 GB [US$399], dropping the 5 GB version to US$299, iTunes 2.1 (or 2.5) with a bevy of new features and a full exaplantion of all the iMac shortages.

Post your thoughts (with your name or handle if you want braggin’ rights) then tune in tonight to see if you are a hero or a goat.

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