MCE Lucid-16: Clear, Portable CD-RW Drive

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Date: Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002, 14:55
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MCE Lucid-16 If you aren’t lucky enough to have a combo-drive equipped iBook or PowerBook G4 you are going to need an external CD-RW solution if you want to burn your own CDs. There are a number of CD-RW drives on the market, but one of the coolest we have seen is the Lucid-16 from PowerPage sponsor MCE Technologies.

The MCE Lucid-16 is an external Firewire CD-RW drive that operates at 16x10x24 maximum speed. Translation – 16x (record to CD-R), 10x (re-write to CD-RW), 24x (read). The Lucid-16 features built-in Burn-Proof technology which is designed to prevent writing errors caused by buffer underrun, freeing you from burning excessive amounts of coasters.

This drive is unique because it comes wrapped in a clear lucite enclosure allowing you see the inside – cool. The Lucid-16 CD-RW drive is the slimmest and lightest CD-RW drive on the market today, weighing in at under one pound and less then an inch in height, the Lucid-16 CD-RW drive is small and light enough to toss in your gear bag and take with you anywhere.

If you connect the Lucid-16 to a Mac with a native Firewire port there is no need for an external power supply – eliminating one more wall wart from your PowerBook bag. The drive is plug-and-play with Mac OS 8.6 through 10.1.x and with PCs running Windows 98SE or later.

The Lucid-16 CD-RW drive ships with Roxio Toast Lite CD-recording software which allows you to create audio CDs, bootable Mac OS CDs and backup CDs in a host of CD file formats. The Lucid drive also works perfectly with Apple’s iTunes and Disc Burner applications. Also included in the package are two blank CD-R discs, FireWire cable, and owner’s manual.

If you are looking for a small, lightweight and fast Firewire CD-RW drive with style, then you have to check out the Lucid-16. Available now for US$349 from MCE Technologies – 949.458.0800.

Also shown in the picture above (click for a larger image) are a sampling of silk-screened blank CD-Rs available from Impress your clients and friends – 10 screened CD-Rs are available for US$15. – 773.862.0291.

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