Media Players and Microsoft IE

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A reader is having problems with the three major media players fighting for the ability to stream media files in Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Can you guys have someone who knows these things draw up a definitive list of what we should be doing with the application helpers in the Mac version of IE with QT, Media Player, Real Video so that we can get the damn browser files to play properly?

All appeals to MacTopia are ignored. I’m traveling and it is so so so so annoying to not be able to get video of the election coverage because of these competing programs. Each one of these programs will cancel out each another, and the choices are dizzying in IE Prefs to someone who isn’t a programmer.

I mean, how difficult should this be? But once again, here I am: befuddled.

Which media player do you use with IE and why? What is the easiest way to set it and forget it? Use the feedback link below.

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