Mercury Q&A: CPU, Memory and Monitor Spanning

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Mercury Q&A: CPU, Memory and Monitor Spanning

In today’s installment of Mercury Q&A we hope to answer the remaining Mercury questions that you have. If you have more, post them using the feedback link below and we will do our best to get them answered.


Mercury uses the PowerPC MPC7410 (code named “Nitro”) low-power G4 microprocessor, running at 400 and 500 MHz manufactured by Motorola.

The MPC7410 is based on a 0.18 micron fabrication process with copper interconnects, allowing it to run cooler and draw less power than the PowerPC 7400, better known as the G4. Performance-wise the two chips are similar, but a 500 MHz 7410 draws the same power as a 400MHz 7400. The 7410 is also about half the size of its predecessor.

The chip supports up to 2MB of external L2 cache. It will ship at 400MHz, 450MHz and 500MHz, though Motorola also promised a 550MHz version soon.

Memory Expansion

Q. Will Pismo/Lombard memory work in Merc?
A. Yes it will, Mercury uses PC100 SO-DIMMs

Monitor Spanning

Yes, Mercury supports monitor spanning the same way that Pismo/Lombard do because of the 8 MB ATi Mobility 128 video subsystem.

Linux PPC

We are happy to report that Linux PPC 2000 Q4 will boot on Mercury. More details can be found in our article on the subject.

The Apple Logo

A small detail to some, a huge detail to others: the Apple logo on the lid of Mercury in now right side up when the lid is open. In other words, while you are using Mercury someone looking at your machine from the other side will see the Apple logo correctly, with the stem on top. Oh yeah, it lights up too.

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