Mezzanine Slot to Connect PCI Cards

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The upcoming El Capitan (a.k.a. Yosemite and Sawtooth) desktop Macs are due to be announced this January at Macworld Expo. The new desktop models will reportedly include a Mezzanine (or Perch) slot just like the current rev. a iMac.

Although the upcoming Yosemite models will have only 3 PCI slots, if they ship with a Mezzanine/Perch slot, the slot could be fitted with a card that could be used to attach a PCI Expansion Chassis.

  • Can you say iMac with a SCSI Card?
  • iMac goes FireWire?
  • iMac gets 3DFX Voodoo II?

The burning question then becomes: will the rev. b and rev.c iMacs ship with a Mezzanine slot?

Magic Eight Ball: All signs point to yes.

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