MicroCenter Aftermath Continued

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A PowerPage reader from Fairfax, VA tells us:

I picked up an iMac DV at the MicroCenter in Fairfax, Virginia on Sunday for $1060. Believe it or not, the store opened at 11am, and by 11:05am, EVERY Mac was sold out!I had to pester some folks who were buying two or three iMacs apiece and remind them that there was a one-system-per-person limit. I eventually got a tangerine.

Even then I had to wander around and try and trade the tangerine model for the grape that I wanted. After trading for a lime, I finally found someone to trade for the grape just as I was paying. Whew!

What a mob scene! The lines to pay at the register stretched the length of the store by 11:30am.

Just like trading Pokemon cards! Anyway, another PowerPage reader tells us what happened to all the AirPort cards and base stations in Philadelphia:

They physically had the bases stations and cards in the building 20 minutes. Took them 17 minutes to unpack them, catalog them and figure where they were going to display them. It took me 2-3 to politely push my way through the crowd. When the smoke cleared Sat. I had all the base stations and most of the cards.

I was really hoping to get one. I guess I’ll have to wait until they get their next shipment. With production having ramped up, we should see enough supply to meet demand in the US by the end of this week.

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