Micron GoBook Lithium Base Battery Recall

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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If you thought that your PowerBook ran hot, check out this field service notice sent out to Micron GoBook and GoBook2 customers:


1. The “base” battery sold as an option with Micron Gobook and Gobook2 laptop computers from the blanket purchase agreements may present a risk of burn to computer users. As a result of an assembly problem, some LI-ION base batteries (Part Number NBP001094-00 and NBP001094-01) may short circuit causing sufficient heat within the battery to cause localized melting of the plastic casing of the battery, even if the computer is off. Motorola (battery manufacturer) is aware of two base batteries in which the hazard was present.

2. To eliminate the risk, Motorola and Micron requests you immediately remove the base battery from the laptop. A Federal Express package will be delivered to the Gobook/Gobook2 ship to location. Inside the package are return shipping instructions, prepaid shipping ticket and shipping box. Should you have questions, or are unwilling to return the base battery, contact 1-800-678-3666 or 770-338-3591 between 9AM and 10PM EST. Motorola will work with you to arrange an alternate method.

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