Microsoft cuts support, but XP still going strong

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Date: Friday, May 2nd, 2014, 09:55
Category: Microsoft, security, Software, Windows

XP-LogoSupport for the aging Windows XP operating system was dropped as of April 8th, but according to web traffic monitoring, the OS still held a little over 25% of the market share. While that number continues to drop, those same stats show XP to be second only to Windows 7 (nearly 50%) among the list of major operating systems.

As part of Microsoft’s discontinuation of support, they will no longer provides bug fixes, security patches, or other updates to XP. This will leave the 13-year-old OS vulnerable to future security threats. Microsoft began announcing the end of XP support nearly seven years ago to give people plenty of opportunity to migrate to a newer version of Windows, but the entrenchment of legacy business software and other factors are making then transition a slow one.

Are you going to stick with XP now that Microsoft support is gone? Let us know in the comments or on the Facebook page.



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2 Responses to “Microsoft cuts support, but XP still going strong”

  1. Will continue to use XP on 8 Macs in Parallels because the single vertical App doesn’t justify the cost of over $100 for each Win7 Pro upgrade that Microsoft doesn’t discount with small quantity purchases. Might consider going to Crossover since the Vertical App developer says the program has been certified in that mode. That will also save the cost of yearly Parallels upgrades.

  2. I’m still running XP Pro and Home (dual boot) on a 9 year old Toshiba Satellite.
    My 2 Bootcamps (MacBook Pro and Mac Mini) are running Windows 7 Pro and Home Premium (respectively), now. The MacBook Pro still has an XP Pro on VMWare Fusion, though.
    I know plenty of people still running XP Embedded (lighting consoles). The devices never connect to the internet, so they’ll probably keep running it for some time.