Microsoft Still Wants to Take Over the World

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Date: Friday, April 12th, 2002, 00:35
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From the “scary power lunch” department comes this tale from a reader. Before you panic, keep in mind Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit (MBU) has a great deal of independence, and makes a great deal of money for Microsoft, whatever this one .Net exec says. That doesn’t mean you can’t flame Microsoft anyway — especially when .Net has been slow to get off the ground by some reports. -PK

Okay, you all already know this, but consider this reinforcement. I had dinner with a Microsoft executive 3 weeks ago at a church event in the Seattle area. I got a good low-down on the .Net strategy, and Microsoft’s continued commitment to take over the world. An apparent by-product of the strategy will be the downfall of Apple Computer. He just said Apple is not going to make it. The computing world is not about consumer choice, he said; it is about MONEY. That’s all. And simply by virtue of Microsoft’s success and Apple’s puny vision, Apple will bite the big one. That was this guy’s prediction, anyway. For what it is worth, Microsoft executives could careless about the future of Apple. When the DOJ deal is done, and out of our memories, Microsoft will have no need to support Apple, and then it’s over baby.

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