Microsoft Watch: Be Blames Demise on Redmond; States Slam Settlement Abuse

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Date: Wednesday, February 20th, 2002, 08:17
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Be Incorporated, the software company founded by Apple veteran Jean Louis-Gasse which sold its assets to Palm this fall, announced yesterday afternoon it is suing Microsoft “for the destruction of Be’s business resulting from the anticompetitive business practices of Microsoft.” Everyone from Apple to Netscape has complained about Microsoft anticompetitive practices, but Be is going further, blaming the demise of its business on the Redmond giant. The charges themselves are familiar: Be alleges Microsoft illegally maintained its Intel OS monopoly by creating exclusive OEM deals that prohibited multiple OS installs. The complaint is available now as a PDF on Be’s site.

In other Microsoft news, a Reuters report says states involved in the antitrust case say Microsoft is actually using the proposed DOJ settlement to impose harsher restrictions on hardware manufacturers, this time forcing licensees to sign a provision that would make it harder for them to protect their own hardware patents. Microsoft’s response to the claim? “Simply inaccurate.” The states are pushing for a stricter settlement deal.

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