Mimio Xi – No Word on OS X Support

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Date: Friday, April 19th, 2002, 00:00
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Mimio Mac 1.6 is that neat software/hardware solution that attaches to a standard white board and captures everything you write and erase to your Mac in color and real-time.

For any Mac users out there who like the Mimio capture products, this is bad news. Below is the response received from Virtual Ink today. The Mimio Xi is a demonstrably superior product, and would be ideal for PowerBook users. There’s no official word on other modules, but the architecture looks like it could support cool features like Bluetooth in the future.

my email:

You guys make a great product, and I’d like to upgrade from my existing Mimio capture bar. However, I won’t do so until OS X software is available, and supports all the same features as the Windows version. (With the exception of handwriting recognition, which I don’t really care about.)

their response:

When will Mac OS X software for Mimio Xi be available?

Thanks for the feedback. As you seem to already be aware, mimio Xi is not presently supported by our mimioMac 1.6 software application for Mac OS X. Unfortunately, this is all that I am allowed to state regarding mimio Xi support on OS X. Sorry.

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