Missing Sync 2.2.1 Supports Sony PEG-NR70V Clie

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Date: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002, 00:00
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Update – 2.2.1 is out of beta.

If you happen to own a Sony Clie Handheld and a Mac, take note. Mark/Space Softworks‘ important middleware Missing Sync has been updated to support Sony’s latest models: PEG-NR70 and PEG-NR70V.

Missing Sync 2.2.1 has been posted.

The Missing Sync, Release Notes

Version 2.2.1 – 4/20/02

  • New: Added support for the NR70 and NR70V to the HotSync (1.3) and Memory Stick (1.1) drivers
  • Changed: Now require Palm Desktop 2.6.x (Palm Desktop 4.0 will be supported in Missing Sync 3.0)
  • Changed: Installer now requires OS 8.6, 9.x (OS X will be supported in Missing Sync 3.0)
  • Updated: Release notes/Read Me/Manual to reflect OS X/Palm Desktop 4, NR70/NR70V support
  • Updated: Added SplashShopper to list of Mac OS conduits available

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