Mobile Disaster Relief Information Keeps You Informed

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Date: Monday, September 17th, 2001, 17:46
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Immediate access to key information may make a difference in the disaster relief efforts. Whether it’s to find your local blood donation center or make contributions, we, as an information-based society, need to be informed in order to help and receive assistance.

Town Compass, LLC has created the Disaster Relief Pocket Directory™ database for Palm OS™ handhelds to keep people informed of some important information related to the New York and Washington DC tragedies.

This reference directory includes the national Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers listings, with phone numbers and contact information. Phone numbers for charitable and counseling organizations, and relevant airline hotlines are also listed.

Citizens on the go can be armed with disaster relief information and the ability to contact places to turn to for support. This free database is available for download from

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