Mobile Pentium III Woes

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In a PCWeek Online article (“Intel modifies launch schedule for Pentium IIIs“), John Spooner explains how Intel has delayed the introduction of their new 0.18 micron process chips until “the end of the year.” The 600 MHz version of the new chip, which Intel originally intended to ship in September, is currently being “tweaked”:

“The process technology is going just fine. It’s already into production. The core technology on Coppermine [the 0.18 micron desktop Pentium III chip] is fine,” said Intel spokesman Howard High.. “The challenge is getting the design to run at the full frequency.”

Unlike the G3 processor, which is very efficient and uses relatively little power, the mobile Pentium must run at reduced processor speed and voltage so that PC laptops can have some sort of battery life. Looks like the G3 processor is still the better choice… 🙂

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