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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A reader sent in an inexpensive tip on connecting your PowerBook to your car cigarette lighter. The device costs approximately US$50.

I was visiting my local Target store for a AC/DC power inverter (lets you draw AC power from your DC auto system and power AC devices) and I came across a product by the name of the “Pocket Generator” made by Vector Engineering. It is really interesting product in that has a AC/DC inverter built in (so you can plug it into your car cigarette lighter and then plug your pbook into the AC connection to run off your car).

Or, you can unplug the device totally and use the Power Generator’s battery to run your Pbook (just plug it into the INverter and the device will power it for about 4-5 hours). You can also run devices through the Power Generator’s DC cigarette lighter with the correct attachment. This is a very versatile device (although it can only handle 50W, it is perfect for running a TV, stereo or shaver on those long trips).

However, other slightly more expensive solutions are available which may better suit your needs. VST Technologies and Lind Electronics list PowerBook auto adapters for US$80 and US$100 respectively. The advantage to these is that you don’t have to tote around a large generator or your regular AC adapter (which, if you want one to keep in the car, will cost you another US$50).

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