MobileStar Still Operational

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Date: Thursday, December 6th, 2001, 13:26
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Apparently, reports of wireless provider MobileStar‘s demise were incorrect. A visit to participating Starbucks locations is enough to reveal that MobileStar’s 802.11b wireless networks are still up and running, pumping out T1 and faster wireless Internet access to cards like the Airport. (See Go2Mac’s exclusive interview in September with MobileStar’s CTO for technical details of the service.) Sure enough, customer service confirms that “We did experience a brief interruption in service but we are fully operational and here to stay.”

What was the “brief interruption”? Go2Mac followed a story from VentureWire in October that reported MobileStar had shut down service and laid off all its staff, but despite repeated calls to MobileStar, its PR firm, and even its investors, no one was willing to confirm or deny that story. Discuss wireless, including any buzz you’ve heard on MobileStar, on our Peripherals and Networking message board.

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