More Battery for Your Buck

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
Category: Archive covered yet another battery solution for mobile computer users, the PowerPad 160 battery from Electrofuel:

Electrofuel unveiled the PowerPad 160 battery at PCExpo in conjunction with Acer America, which will be selling the device along with its laptop systems. Passersby confused the 3/8-inch thin and nearly 9×12-inch device for a graphics tablet. The company claims that the two-pound lithium battery attains a landmark in battery life-to-weight performance and can be used with virtually any laptop.

The battery plugs into the AC adapter connector, and according to Electrofuel founder James Jacobs, fools the laptop into thinking it is connected to AC power. The battery becomes the primary energy source for up to 16 hours, and then the laptop’s internal battery takes over.

PowerPad 160

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