More Mac OS 8.6 Notes

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Several more enthusiasts wrote in with notes about their move to Mac OS 8.6:

[reader un] Just a note that the following 5 extensions are no longer necessary under 8.6 with the Epson Stylus 600 and Parallel -> USB adapter:

Epson Launcher
Epson USBPrintClass1
Epson USBPrintClass2
Epson USBPrintClass3
Epson USBPrintClassA

The new USBPrintDriver extension handles the printing by itself. Note that with this new extension disabled, the printer won’t work even with all of the old extensions installed.

[reader deux] Like [reader 2] (see “Mac OS 8.6: Early Battle Reports“) I was also dumped into Open Firmware after installing 8.6 on my iMac, but I was luckily enough to fix the CATCH problem.

With a billion extensions loaded I thought what the hell, and ran the 8.6 installer, only to be dumped into Open Firmare upon restarting. I zapped the PRAM and restarted, still nothing. After starting the computer off the iMac software installer CD, I found the update on the iMac hard drive, and ran it again. After restarting this time, everything was fine.

I didn’t lose any data with this error, only a small bit of sanity. Still don’t know what exactly caused it. Hopefully by re-installing 8.5 [reader 2] hasn’t lost too much data either.

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