More on 17-Inch PowerBook Hiss

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Date: Saturday, May 24th, 2003, 14:52
Category: Hardware, PowerBook 17-Inch

Confirmation (with recording) of the 17-inch PowerBook hiss.

disco:DREAM writes: My PB17 is hissing like a snake. This is the one major issue I have with the piece of computing gorgeousness. The buzz on the release of the PB17 had everyone going gaga over the screen and the backlit keys. This is fine in a gigging arena, but how the hell are you supposed to record and mix a decent sound with all that noise? As a muso what does one do? And where does the sound come from?
DogCowX complains about the hiss from his PowerBook 17-inch. I’ve seen this remarked on before elsewhere and mine does it too. It’s not so loud that I noticed it initially, but it’s unmistakable once it’s pointed out. The sound comes from behind the G key on the keyboard and sounds like chips frying. Here’s a short recording (372 kb AIFF). Bizarrely it goes away instantly if you set the CPU speed to Reduced in the Energy Saver control panel.

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