More on Graphics Acceleration for Lombards

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Date: Friday, June 7th, 2002, 10:00
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This is a followup to the earlier PowerPage story about the slight graphics acceleration that OSX 10.1.5 gives to Lombards. The Lombard sports the RageProLT graphics chipset, so it was unclear to me if the RagePro acceleration touted in the update would apply.

On Accelerate Your Mac!, someone else found that the RagePro kernel extension does not have the required information to identify the RageProLT. By adding the correct PCI identifier to the property list for the extension, it appears that full 2D acceleration is enabled!

After making the required change, I can report that QuickTime playback is finally smooth (although full-screen playback still drops a frame every now and then). Moving a window around the screen works as if the window is glued to the mouse, and the slow-motion genie effect finally looks like all of Steve Jobs’ demos!

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