More PowerBook Headphones

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones that we mentioned previously are available from Crutchfield for US$140. Another option is the V500DJ, which has a bit less power and sells for US$60.

PowerPager Ben Haylock recommends the Sennheiser 590s (US$70 from ZZounds) for use with a PowerBook:

the BEST headphones I have ever used! In conjunction with my PBG3 (Bronze) it sounds like I am in a room full of top quality speakers and I regularly forget I am wearing them and knock over cups of coffee, don’t hear the phone, etc.

They are the “open air” type, so bystanders think you must be listening at 2 million decibels, but give true, rich, glassy treble and deep, textured bass and great results with Dolby Pro Logic systems like my tv/vcr/stereo combo, and when I do monitoring of the video captures that i do daily. Well worth it, Sennheiser live up to their slogans of being the best in audio.

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