More Television iMac Sightings

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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It seems as if Apple’s product marketing and promotion team is targeting the teen crowd with the iMac:

Dawson’s Creek on the WB Wednesday has an iMac sitting on the Andie McPhee’s desk. Close up shot of the side of it, as well as some of the front. No logo spottings though. Postit notes were plastered to the ice-white border around the screen though.

On Felicity:
her: did i tell you i got a new computer?
him: oh no not an imac, those things are so beautiful.
her: actually no, its a PC, 300MHZ (smiling)
him: What!
her: yea, it is cable modem ready as soon as they are available.
him: you bought a PC?
her: yea
him: so you’re not a mac person anymore?
her: well most of the titles we use are cross platform.

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