MP3s on your Visor

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A PalmLounge reader asks about an MP3 player add-on for Handspring’s Visor. Well, InnoGear is currently developing an MP3 player Springboard module called “MiniJam” which clips on to the back of the Visor. Not only does it play MP3 files, it will also support Audible spoken word files and will let you store files onto the MiniJam’s flash memory. The player will not have internal memory but has two external MultiMedia Card slots which enable upgrades to up to 128MB. It will come preconfigured with no memory, 32MB or 64MB. Power will be supplied by the visor or an external DC apaptor.

The module will be available in the colors black and “ice”. It will come with software to control the unit, transfer files to and from the player, view track information, playlists and more. In addition an API will be available to the public so that custom interfaces can be programmed.

The MiniJam will be availlable in early 2000.

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