MWNY 01: Limitations of Toast Preview OS X

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Date: Sunday, July 22nd, 2001, 15:48
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Roxio’s Toast Titanium Preview for OS X, introduced this week in New York, remains an impressive achievement: it lets you burn data CDs under X, something which even Apple won’t deliver until 10.1. And it is beta software, so expect some features to be missing.

That said, if you have a 2001 iBook or USB burner, don’t bother trying to download the preview. Toast for X only supports FireWire and built-in ATAPI recorders; the iBook is disqualified because the preview edition requires recorders to be attached to the IDE bus and set to Master. If you do meet these requirements, though, this Toast is terrific: you can even burn MP3 CDs, PC hybrid CDs, Video CD, and DVD video in this release. We certainly look forward to the final release, which will be a free upgrade for Toast 5 users.

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