MWNY 02: Party Line Preview

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Date: Tuesday, June 25th, 2002, 11:25
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Ultimate Party List: It’s that time of year again: Ilene has opened registration for her legendary Hess Memorial Macworld Events List. Not just parties, it contains all the major events at Macworld, from free, open events to invitation-only shindigs (don’t crash them!). There’s also a healthy collection of Macworld photos and memories, and a guide to public bathrooms in NYC. (On that last note, Bloomberg has promised to upgrade our public bathrooms, so future Macworlds may be better!) If you want some memories, check out the photo album from last July’s class photo and cruise with some bittersweet pictures of Lower Mahattan. I’ll be partying in Paris, folks; I’ll send you a postcard!

Ultimate Printer Party: Bummed that Adobe and Macromedia won’t be at Macworld? HP is set to replace all 50 of its printers with new models with faster speeds and better photo printing geared at digital camera owners, all in July — meaning timing will be just right to show off the new silver and metallic-blue printers at a giant Macworld booth if HP is on the ball. Ultimate Party Pooper: “I seriously did not want to write about the Mac again” says John C. Dvorak in his latest column. Poor John couldn’t restrain himself, though, as he devotes an entire column to saying the new Apple switch campaign “stinks” and is the result of “desperation.” Mostly John slams the visual appearance of those appearing in the ads. John will not be invited to the Not the Knife party.

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