MWSF 02: Just Like Being There

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Date: Friday, January 4th, 2002, 00:08
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Is it live, or is it satellite downlink? Apple is offering multiple ways of viewing Steve Jobs’ highly anticipated keynote Monday: via satellite, webcast, or live broadcast at a location near you. Information is available from Apple Seminars. Keep in mind, folks, Apple have themselves confirmed that they will be introducing a new product at this keynote!

NYC-area readers: You’re invited to join me for an informal Go2Mac keynote party here in the Biggest Apple for all of us stuck on the East Coast for this Macworld! Register online. You’ll see TWO NYC links; click the second (CUNY Graduate Center). Ask around and find me; I’ll have a Go2Mac sticker on. We’ll celebrate after at one of the nearby Korean restaurants afterwards (the site is 34th and 5th; Apple has directions). Think Kim Chi and iMacs. RSVP via e-mail.

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