MWSF 02: Keynote Eve Roundup

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Date: Sunday, January 6th, 2002, 16:46
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Twas the night before Keynote, and all through the house . . . the Mac community is getting a little flaky from the pressure of what may be the most hyped Macworld keynote ever.

Billy James from The Big Show sends these “rejected slogans” from Apple’s recent hype campaign on – “for Mac users who’ll believe anything!”. Speaking of which, one of France’s biggest resellers has posted specs for LCD iMacs and new Power Macs. (Thanks, Alison Castle!) And lastly, Deadesq points out that Honeywell already makes a WebPad. But then, that assumes Apple is introducing one tomorrow! No one has a time travel-enabled jetpack yet, do they?

Join us tomorrow for live keynote coverage, photos afterwards, and, if you’re in NYC, kimchi with me. Floor coverage starts Tuesday.

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