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Date: Tuesday, January 11th, 2005, 15:20
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Just past the link are my blow-by-blow notes from the today’s keynote address by Steve Jobs at Macworld Expo San Francisco. Please pardon obvious mistakes and typos….

Following are my blow-by-blow notes from the today’s Macworld Expo SF. Please pardon obvious mistakes and typos.

Macworld Expo 2005 – Keynote Address
Moscone Conference Center
Opening music:
U2 – Vertigo
Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get it Started
Steve takes the stage at 9:11 am PST.
First Macworld with HD projection
101 Retail stores
1M visitors per week
Most recent, largest is in London
World’s most beautiful desktop computer
Two sizes: 17 and 20-inch
Raving about the reviews
PC Magazine 5-out-of-5 rating
new iMac is the most popular Mac we make
World’s most advanced operating systemlist
Panther – most successful OS release
Tiger – 200 new features
Any process can address 64-bits of memory
Safari, Automator, Spotlight
Slide demo “don’t have time” (weak)
Spotlight slide show – why not show a live demo?
Google desktop, Microsoft desktop search are the competitors
Developers can build it into their apps
Searches for the word “soccer”
Finds inside Excel, PDF
Spotlight crashes on Bryce search
stuck on an open pciture of a sunset
“That’s why we have backup systems” as he flips over to a backup machine
Smart folders in the finder for “presentations” or “viewed this week”
Spotlight view in the finder
Also in System Preferences
iTunes Artwork screensaver
Completely changing the way we use computers
Integrated spotlight into Mail
Slideshow button in Mail with attachments
Steve searches for “soccer”
100k pieces of email
Smart mailbox, like iTunes smart playlists
Save with “add to iPhoto” button
Launching QuickTime 7 in Tiger
330M copies downloaded (at least 100 of those are by me:)
Live Resizing
24 Channel Surround
Full-screen overlay
MPEG-4 compliance
Full HD playback
H.264 demo
Scalable from cell phones to HD
a place for widgets to live
Unit converter, flight tracker, translation, yellow pages, weather
Stock tracker – had AAPL at US$126 per share, the live demo it was at $67 per share.
Droplet effect on desktop
The dashboard widgers
Flight tracker bails on “this info not authorized by FAA”
Turn the clock around to set the time zone
Weather in SF shows raining, cool weather effect graphics
Shows an eBay widget, 100s of developers
Audio conference with up to 10 people
First multi-party video conferencing in the industry
Live demo of video conferencing
Sound is echoing on live demo
Phil Shiller
Steve’s video quality is poor with a green cast (may be the stage lights)
Deliveriing first half of the year
“Long before Longhorn”
Most popular HD editing product in the world
Final Cut HD
Announcing Final Cut Express HD
Priced at US$299
Available in February
US$99 upgrade
“We are leading the digital media revolution”
iLife ’05 – iDVD, iMove, iPhoto, iDVD
Much better organizing and searching
more formats
better editing – Apple’s now competing with Adobe
advanced slideshows
all new books and book designs
added folders
Search via keyword
added calendar view
supports MPEG-4 movies
supports RAW format
new editing modew – pictures across the top
added an editing dashboard – black white points, brightness, contrast
advanced slideshows – control key toggles between before and after
automatic alignment tool aligns landscape shots to a grid
Ken burns effects available in transitions
New book options – two-sided printing, in-book editing
.19 cents per print
four different book sizes – 20 pages minimum
new lower prices – yawn
Non-destructive trimming
More transitions and effects
MPEG-4 video
Magic iMovie
Supports HD video
HDV, 720p, 1080i
new Sony HDV camcorder (FX1?) – US$3499
Kunitake Ando, President of Sony
Revolutionize how we enjoy video at home
2005 is the year of Hi-Def in the home
Blu-Ray disc player and recorder
Steve had to cut him off (they cut off his teleprompter)
15 new themes
Animated drop zones
One step DVD creation
All DVD formats supported (+R, -R, -RW, +RW)
Apple logo super-imposed on the lower left on the screen
Jam-pack add-ons, adding #4 Orchestral instruments
newest of iLife apps, introduced a year ago
8 simultaneous tracks
real time music notation
pitch and time fixing
create your own loops
vocal transformer
Grammy Award winner John Mayer performs a live demo.
US$79, January 22, Free on all new Macs
buillding on the success of AppleWorks
taking full advantage
10 new themes
animated text
new builds
presenter display
added flash output
Word processing “with an incredible sense of style”
40 templates
Live demo by Phil Shiller
iPhoto media library browser
compatible with Word and AppleWorks
US$79 – January 22
“What’s next”
“Why doesn’t Apple make a stripped down Mac?”
A new member of the Mac family
combo optical drive, slot load
Steve had it on his podium the whole time!
(everyone thought it was an external HDD)
BYODKB – Bring Your Own Display, Keyboard, Mouse
looks very stark, generic and PC
1.25, 256MB, 40GB, Combo – $499
1.25, 256MB, 80GB, Combo – $599
Available January 27
“so, what’s next?”
World’s most popular music store
230M songs sold
1.25M songs per day
70 percent market share, stayed there even in expanding market
15 countries
70 percent of the global music market
iTunes pre-paid music cards – 1M sold since Thanksgiving
re-tuned itunes essentials
World’s best digital music player
733,000 in holiday quarter 2003
4.5 million sold in holiday quarter 2004
500% growth year over year
10M iPods sold
8.2M sold in calendar 2004
over 400 accessories for the iPod
a few new things:
Cars –
BWM – next generation adapter
more companies offering iPod adapters
Mercedes, Nissan, Scion, Volvo
Alfa Romeo, Ferrari
Cell phones –
Motorola iTunes client
Rolling out Spring ’05
One more thing…
old iPod market share:
flash – 62%
iPod – 31%
Others – 7%
Going after the mainstream flash market
Cons of Flash:
most use triple AAA batteries – $100 per year
tortured user interface
very small display
no click wheel
new original idea:
most people listen to shuffle
smaller than a pack of gum
weighs less than an ounce
no display
single LED
shuffle or to playlist mode
cap on the bottom reveals USB2 connector
comes with a layard
new feature called “autofill” builds playlists for you
Enable disk use allows you to throttle amount of data v. # songs
512MB, 120 songs – US$99
1GB, 240 songs – US$149
Apple accessories:
Sport Case
Battery extender
US$29 each
Rolling out in the next four weeks
240 Songs a million different ways
“Life is Random” ad campaign.
I heard a rumor that that they’re some at the Apple store.

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