MWTokyo 2002: Wrap-up

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Date: Friday, March 29th, 2002, 00:00
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Macworld Expo Tokyo is never the venue to disappoint the Mac crowd for cool products and this year was no exception

 WIDTH= The latest victim of product zaniness is the iPod. MTB Inc. of the Sanyo System Solution Developer Center has created two interesting products. First is the “Zabuton”, which means cushion in Japanese. The Zabuton sits under your new iMac and has four USB ports and an iPod “port”. By slipping in your iPod, it automatically syncs with iTunes via the internal FW link. The other yet un-named product is a iPod “carrying bag with FM radio tuner and speakers”. Release dates haven’t been set yet.

One of the companies here that have been creating great mobile related products is Bird Electron. Their USB-powered fan cooling stands (the GTX Intercooler) have won a number of design awards and their other products come from left field. The latest in their lineup includes the BigMack AC Adapter Reel for cleaning up those cords from the PB G4 and iBook power supplies. The Apple Speaker Stand places the sphere speakers in a steel square case and come in silver and white to match your Mac.

 WIDTH= The Spark Stainless Steel mouse pad is a great accessory for any silver colored Mac and their real marble mouse pads have to be seen for their natural beauty. They now have seven colors for their PowerBook G4 Protector Covers which attach to the outside of PB screens for extra strength and protection. The new Desktop Fan designed in collaboration with id-ee Inc. is USB powered and carved from a solid aluminum block!

The latest product to join the iBook family is a neat handle that attaches to the back for making your iBook truly portable just like the good ol’ days.

Pictures of several of the items announced at Macworld Expo Tokyo 2002 can be found in our gallery.

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