My MacBook runs a little toasty… 109 degrees to be exact

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Date: Monday, May 4th, 2015, 20:19
Category: Hardware, MacBook

I was using my new 2015 MacBook (the 12-inch model) for about 30 minutes tonight when it got uncomfortably hot on my lap. Instead of reaching for a laptop riser/cooling stand I grabbed my favorite tool – an IR thermometer (a Fluke 561).

Here’s what I found:

My MacBook is a little toasty... 109 degrees - Jason O'Grady

An area near the center-top of the bottom, near the serial number (just above the CPU component) measured a toasty 109.3 degrees Fahrenheit (around 43 Celsius).

After a little poking around I discovered that Photos was syncing with iCloud, which is known to tax the processor pretty hard. After clicking “Pause for one day” things cooled down briefly (to around 108 degrees F in the same area), but then another test shortly after that spiked at around 111 degrees F.

Purely anecdotal findings at this point, but suffice it to say that there are tradeoffs that come with a fanless notebook computer.

What kind of temps are you seeing?

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