NAMM: Pluggo Now Supports RTAS, Adds 19 Instruments; New Video Analysis Object for Max/MSP

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Date: Friday, January 18th, 2002, 11:02
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Mac-centric developer Cycling ’74‘s popular native audio processing plug-in software is now available in a version for Digidesign’s Real Time Audio Suite (RTAS) format with the release of Pluggo 3.0. Pro Tools users can now have over 100 effects and virtual instruments at their disposal, or create their own using Cycling ’74’s powerful Max/MSP package. Pluggo, already available for VST and MAS, has a ridiculous number of effects including filtering, delay effects, distortion, granular synthesis and spectral modification, audio routing, sampling and synthesis, reverb, and sound localization, plus the ability to combine plug-ins. Pluggo 3.0 for MAS/VST/RTAS will be available March 2002 for list US$199, with a $59 upgrade available to Pluggo and Max/MSP owners. For MAS and VST users, the new version takes advantage of new and improved Max4/MSP2 features to beef up existing plug-ins, and adds 19 virtual instruments, bringing the total plug-ins from 74 to over 100.

In other Cycling 74 news, the company will be distributing the Cyclops video input analysis system developed by artist/programmer Eric Singer, allowing the Max/MSP programming environment to analyze video input from a card, USB, or FireWire input, and output control messages based on the images, via color, grayscale, or motion detection. Now, let me drop my journalistic integrity for a moment here — how much would YOU be willing to pay for the ability to make music by analyzing video? $500? $1000? How about US$99?! That means for just over $100, including a cheap Logitech video camera or that darned X10 thing in the pop-up ads, you can be making music with video! Okay, er, let me regain my composure: Cyclops is available this month. Max4/MSP2, the very cool visual programming environment for multimedia, lists for US$495.

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