NAMM: Propellerhead Announces OS X Support

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Date: Friday, January 18th, 2002, 11:29
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Swedish developer Propellerhead has announced its entire product line is coming to OS X, including wildly popular software synthesis and sound creation applications ReCycle!, Reason, and Rebirth, which provide groove manipulation, a virtual rack of synth gear, and vintage synthesis, respectively. Apple’s Mac OS X Core Audio technology will bring lots of advantages to this and other upcoming music software, with latency below 1 ms (dramatically lower than on any other operating system, including Windows and LINUX), multi-processing support, and easier use of multiple interfaces and sharing of hardware. No dates have been announced, but Propellerhead will be demonstrating Reason for OS X at the show. Earlier this week, Ableton brought its Live software to OS X. Propellerhead also has a Quick Start Reason Guide by legendary electronic music writer Craig Anderton if you want to learn that fun and powerful program.

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