NEC to Ship New All-in-One Desktop PC

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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USB Workshop is reporting (“First Look of the emachines eOne“) that NEC will soon ship an all-in-one pastel-green PC, named the Simplem. While the name and choice of color are laughable, the slim design sounds killer.

Without separate PC tower or desktop box, the new NEC PC, with its guts of an Intel Celeron CPU, a 66-MHz system bus, 32KB of level 1 cache, 128KB of level 2 cache, 512KB of flash memory, 64 MB of SDRAM chips, and a 6GB hard drive all being rigged into the 7.8-centimeter-thick LCD package is a space saver. The 13-pound cluster of keyboard, mouse, and remote control are connected to the PC by infrared leaving only one cord for the power another for Internet, the later connection is planned be eliminate by employing a cellular PC card in the near future. The PC features 15-inch TFT (thin-film transistor) LCD with 640-by-480-pixel, 800-by-600-pixel, and 1024-by-768-pixel versions.

The Simplem will ship in mid-October. It should be noted that NEC also ships the Z1 all-in-one slim desktop computer. It should also be noted that Apple once had a cool looking Macintosh called the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh…

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