New Alternative to Palm Pain

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Throw away the teeny tiny stylus and type in style! PFU America has released the Happy Hacking Cradle that enables Palm III or Palm VII users to type via a standard PC PS/2 keyboard. The US$49 device compacts to approximately the size of a deck of cards. PFU America also released the Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite that is a scaled down keyboard with full-size key pitch that is smaller than a letter-sized sheet of paper.

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The cradle has a standard interface that connects to all Palm III and PalmVII organizers, and an additional serial interface at the back of the unitthat connects the PalmModem accessory to the cradle, so that users can useboth the modem and the keyboard at once.

The keyboard draws its power from two AA batteries so that it will not drainenergy from the Palm.

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