New Apple Campus 2 aerial drone footage released, shows progress on landscaping, solar panels, canopies

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Date: Tuesday, January 31st, 2017, 05:40
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Construction continues on Apple’s new “Campus 2” headquarters, new footage shot by drone revealing signs of work on the canopies, walkways, and plants around the campus buildings despite recent poor weather.

The previous installment from drone pilot Matthew Roberts showed progress was being hampered by poor weather, with waterlogged grounds affecting landscaping efforts. Patches of water accumulated from the storms persist in the latest video, but the site as a whole seems to have drained sufficiently enough to dry off the majority of work areas.

Apple’s research and development facility now features paving in front of the building, offering a solid surface with which to load, unload and park nearby. Lighting poles have been installed around the building, illuminating the paved area as well as walkways to the sides and rear.

A walkway on top of the main transit tunnel is under construction, complete with trees to surround the pathway. Trees are also being planted around the fitness center, while another walking path is visible through the meadow area of the campus.

The company has kept the auditorium covered, preventing aerial footage while rows of trees within the main circular “Spaceship” building have increased in quantity, with additional units having been planted.

On the outside edge, workers are using cranes to install more of the canopies on the windows, while others are adding finishing touches to those already in place. The solar installation on the roof is also making progress, estimated to be 70 percent complete.

Work seems to have been completed on the garages, which are now being used by construction workers.

As always, stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider

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