New Bigger Coolpad for TiBook

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Date: Monday, February 18th, 2002, 16:30
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I just recieved a new 2 pack of Podium and CoolPad from those folks at They’ve introduced a new larger-sized CoolPad (the smaller, non-height adjustable, meant for packing in a notebook bag case sized pad, not the larger, meant to be used on a desk Podium Pad). The new CoolPad is almost as wide as the Podium now, same construction details, swivels, rubber feet, 2 rubber dimples to set the TiBook on when using it so the bottom is sloped to dissipate heat, but larger.

Their website isn’t updated yet; not sure when they’ll be available for order from their site. The larger size seems just about perfect for my TiBook.

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