New EyeModule Software Attaches Images to Address Book

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A new software application call EyeContact for the EyeModule digicam (which slips in the Springboard expansion slot in the Handspring Visor) allows you to attach images shot with the camera to the appropriate contact file in your Palm OS contact file.


Created by the eyemodule development team, eyecontact works with an eyemodule user’s existing address book to attach photos to individual entries. The eyecontact software is now posted at as a free download. “How many times after a business trip or after a big meeting have you wished that you could associate a face with a stack of business cards? Now with the eyemodule and the eyecontact software on a Visor, you can! We think this is one of those ‘killer apps’ that will make digital photography on handhelds really take off,” stated Dennis Boyle, leader of the eyemodule development team at IDEO in Palo Alto.

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