'New' G4 Picture Proven Dodgy

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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After seeing what is claimed to be the new G4, I didn’t think it looked any slimmer as claimed. Then I enlarged the ‘new G4 spy shot’ (without altering the proportions of the picture) to fit the size of a picture from Apple’s site. And wow, look at that! The ‘new’ G4 has exactly the same proportions as the current model! So much for the “somewhat slimmer chassis”.

You may also notice (animated gif linked to below) that the ‘new’ G4 and the current model seem to have been snapped under the exact same lighting, with highlights appearing in all the same places! Coincidence? I’m putting a big wad of cash on the answer being a resounding ‘NO!’

Link to gif: http://www.futuremechanix.com

[Ed: we received an email from the picture’s creator last night and he confirmed that it was only a Photoshop mockup. Judging by the voracious response from Apple Legal it must be close to the real thing though :]

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