New iMac Specifications

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Good: “iMac,” blueberry, US$999, 350 MHz / 64 MB RAM / 6 GB HD, 100 MHz system bus, slot CD-ROM drive, no video out, no FireWire, two independent USB controllers, v90 56k modem, 100BaseT Ethernet, ATI Rage 128 / AGP 2x / 8 MB, Harmon Kardon speakers with resonant cavity for bass, optional $99 USB Subwoofer that auto-balances internal speakers when plugged in, no fan (convection cooling).

Better: “iMac DV,” multicolor, US$1299, same features as iMac, plus a 400 MHz G3, 10 GB HD, DVD-ROM drive, RGB video out, FireWire.

Best: “iMac DV Special Editon,” graphite only, US$1499, same features as iMac DV, plus 13 GB HD, 128 MB RAM.

Available today: Apple Store is taking orders today, iMacs are rolling out of the factories now and should be in channels by Friday.

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