New PocketPC Adds PC Card Support

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Date: Thursday, October 4th, 2001, 00:25
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The new Amigo-600C PD-131 is the first Pocket PC PDA to add PC card (formerly called PCMCIA) support on board. Newton users have had dual PC cards and a Strong Arm 162 MHz processor since August 1997.

The Amigo-600C is the first modern PDA to add native PC card support, previous models like the Compaq iPaq can support PC cards with the addition of a strap-on module.

Features include:

  • 206 MHz Intel StrongARM CPU
  • 16MB ROM 32MB RAM
  • Built-In PCMCIA Slot
  • 64K High Color TFT LCD Screen
  • Rechargeable and Changeable main Battery
  • Disposable Backup Battery

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