New Portables – Spring or Summer?

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Date: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002, 11:00
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Q. Hi! I am posting from Berlin/ Germany. My local AppleStore (Gravis) tells me today, that Apple will not deliver new orders. Apple delivers no portables, they are sold out. So, he says I should wait until May for buying a TiBook. The PB G4s and the iBooks will be new. Do you know about that? Best regards.

A. What we do know about the new TiBook replacement:

  • Bluetooth on-board (likely)
  • Two Firewire ports
  • Updated 800MHz Firewire bus
  • Audio-in jack
  • 32MB of video ram
  • Combo drive standard

Mostly everything looks the same as the current Ti, but you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a color change (the PowerPage has a favorite color choice but doesn’t want to post it here yet in fear of it being “Steved” out of spite).

Some 866 MHz TiBook mules have been spotted around the Cupertino campus but early reports are that even those are running way too hot right now.

A letter posted at MacInTouch infers that low PB inventory at distributors means that new models may be on tap for announcement on May 6 at WWDC.

”The issue here is that on Thursday at 2pm Ingram had over 200 hundred Powerbooks in inventory. At 4pm they had zero. My Ingram rep said that Apple took the inventory back. Also, Powerbooks cannot be back-ordered right now. This is not how Apple has made product upgrades in the past. Previously, Apple would take your order then cancel it when the new product was released.

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