New PowerBooks and PowerMacs on Oct 19?

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Date: Saturday, October 15th, 2005, 15:57
Category: Announcement

According to MacCentral Apple is having another media event on October the 19th (next Wednesday). The invitation asks to join them as

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One Response to “New PowerBooks and PowerMacs on Oct 19?”

  1. I’m sure Apple are working on a new enclosure for the PB, but it’s not likely to show up until there’s a Pentium under the hood. Mar – Jun ’06 probably.

    I’ll be happy if the last PPC PBs have 1.7-1.8GHz 7448 processors in the current enclosures with better battery life, DDR2 memory, DS DVD burners across the board and more pixels onscreen. Another 0.5-1GB RAM expansion would be nice too along with a decent price cut on the new models.