New York Times Reviews iBook Dual USB

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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State of the Art: 4 Laptops Lilliputians Might Like
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EVEN in these technologically enlightened times, most laptops fall into one of two equally compromised categories. First, there’s the full-size laptop, which offers most standard PC features but begins to weigh as much as a small Steinway by the time you reach Concourse Z.

Second, there’s the ultralight laptop. Although they weigh only two or three pounds, these models relegate critical components like the CD-ROM drive to a detachable docking station. Unfortunately, without a CD drive, you can’t install new programs or resuscitate a dead machine on the road, so many people wind up lugging along the docking stations – piano-moving time all over again. At this rate, we’ll soon see ads for a one-pound laptop that’s nothing but a keyboard; the rest will be a “docking station.” [Read more…]

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