Daily Tip #129

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Here’s our tip of the day for squeezing the most productivity out of your Bondi-Blue baby. Today’s letter comes from a student at Penn State:

I agree with the ambassador from Zimbabwe when he said that the Apple USB Mouse “sucks,” if that’s the correct term. I’ve got some money burning a hole in my pocket and I’m itching for a new mouse. Show me the mice!

Ummm.. yes. The preferred mouse at the and PowerPage is the UniMouse from Contour Design. The mouse itself is full-sized and has a nice comfortable feel to it, due in part to the rubberized grips on the side of the belly. The UniMouse sports two programmable (via UniMouse Overdrive) with a scroll-button to round out the featureset. It’s a little pricy at about US$42 but well worth the cash. Hands down, this is the kick-ass mouse, if a kick-ass mouse ever existed.

If that money burning a hole in your pocket doesn’t sum up to US$42, you might want to check out Contour Design’s UniTrap, which retails for US$15. It can best be described as a “mouse augmentation” for the Apple USB Mouse, which turns that fat hockey-puck into a full-fledged full-sized mouse. The UniTrap does not add very much more width to the mouse, as opposed to the Macsense iCatch, which is a good thing. The UniTrap is well worth the US$15 spent.

Also deserving an honorable mention is the Point&Scroll Mouse from XLR8. It lives up to its name by pointing and scrolling rather well. Labs will have a review up soon. If you’re interested, check out our UniMouse review and UniTrap review.

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