Daily Tip #130

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In response to’s Daily Tip #129, today’s semi-daily tip is a follow-up to yesterday’s tip regarding replacements for Apple’s USB Mouse. We’re going to note a few USB mice that readers wrote in about:

[Colin Wirth] Yeah, the Contour Designs mouse is cool, but my favorite mouse is the Kensington Thinking Mouse. It only comes in ADB, so you’ll need an adapter, but the mouse is flawless. Its programmable four buttons really increase productivity and ease of use (that is, only if you can remember which button does what).

[Aaron] Another good replacement is the MouseMan Wheel USB from Logitech. It costs about the same as the others, but has *four* programmable buttons, plus a scrolling wheel. It is shaped to the contour of the hand, which eliminates tendonits and other related strain, which I used to get after designing everyday.

[Archive] I really like the Logitech Mouseman Wheel. The scrolling wheel is VERY nice, and it has an extra button on the side, which I was able to set to cmd-[ for page back in my web browser. staffer Dr Will likes the IBM ScrollPoint mouse, which features a really slick “stick” pointing device rather than a scroll feature. Unfortunately, it is only available in PS/2 flavors and no USB flavor is in sight.

Another pointing device that has impressed staffers is Microsoft’s IntelliMouse Explorer USB, which features a cool industrial metallic design and an optical tracking technology (no moving parts!) that gives off a red unearthy glow.

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