Daily Tip #73

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Here’s our tip of the day for squeezing the most productivity out of your Bondi-Blue baby. Today’s letter comes from Zimbabwe:

These Apple USB mice suck but that’s not the point of this correspondance. My old Apple “The Power to Save the World” mousepad has lost its lustrous holographic shine. Can you recommend a decent mousing surface?

Sure, ambassador. For about US$12, you can grab 3M’s Precise Mousing Surface from your local computer shop or online from 3M. Kid you not, this is no ordinary mousepad, for it features a unique “micro-groove-surface-structure.” Here’s more scientific details from their web site:

Advanced micro-groove surface eliminates slippage. The micro-groove surface structure improves grip and traction of your mouse ball by trapping dust particles in the valleys of the surface while allowing your mouse ball to ride along the peaks of the surface, away from the dirt. The result is smoother, more accurate mousing.

Traditional mouse pads are flat, fabric-covered foam pads. The fabric fibers can shed as you mouse, and dust can accumulate on the surface. As these particles build up, they begin to clog your mouse, causing slippage and a loss of accuracy.

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