Nokia to Integrate Palm OS in Cell Phones

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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According to Johan Sjovall of the PowerPage Swedish Bureau Nokia is planning to integrate Palm OS into their cell phones. Below are links to the original stories from Mobil, a Swedish magazine, with translations by Johan. The original reporter is Mats Sj?din.

Original story, 13 October 1999:

[translated from Swedish]
According to sources in the US, Nokia is planning to integrate Palm OSinto their cell phones. An Archive source tells the American newsagency AP, that an announcement is expected later this week. For Nokia, this would mean they will have an OS that many users already are familiar with, and 3Com would achieve their ambition to reach a whole new market.

Today, Nokia already works together with Ericsson, Psion and Motorola,with the OS Epoc, in the Symbian project. But that system has itsproblems – it hasn’t got too many users, and it is hard to find anydevelopers who wants to work with it. That problem does not exist withthe Palm system. Today, Palm is already licensing their OS to the cell phone manufacturer Qualcomm, who is the third biggest manufacturer in the US market.

Follow-up story, 14 October 1999:

[translated from Swedish]
Just like we reported yesterday morning, Nokia will begin a co-projectwith 3Com regarding “smart” phones. It was made public a few hours afterwe published the news yesterday.The new cell phones will combine cordless speech with cordless dataaccess. A bit unexpected, Nokia’s new products will contain both thePalm os AND Symbian (a project involving Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson andPsion).

The products will first be released in the US, and later worldwide.”In the mobile information society we expect a big market for differentkinds of wireless products.” says Jorma Ollila, CEO of Nokia.The new products will Also use open and global techniques as WAP andBluetooth.

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