Now is Zee Time on Sprockets Vhen Ve Dance

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Apple’s GameSprockets 1.5 and InputSprocket 1.4 add more device support to the iMac. Most notably, InputSprocket 1.4 adds support for the Cyborg 3D controller.

GameSprockets 1.5 (which contains InputSprocket 1.4) is available for download from Apple’s Misc FTP directory [1288 kb].

From the Read Me file:

A set of technologies designed to make life easier for game developers. They are designed specifically to provide the functionality that games need on the Macintosh: drawing to the screen, handling input devices, setting up multiplayer games, and simulating 3D sound sources. Most of these technologies are slowly being rolled into the general Mac OS system software releases so that at some point, the Sprockets will exist solely to provide compatibility with older versions of Mac OS. This release includes the following Game Sprockets updates.

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